The proliferation of technology and global communication channels such as the internet has made the protection of patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets – collectively known as intellectual property – far more challenging in recent years. Faced with infringement and false advertising by increasingly far-reaching competitors, businesses have turned to the courts to protect their valuable brands and strategic assets.

With evolving international standards and regulation effected by the TRIPS Agreement, the firm's IP counsel can guide inventors and innovators, be they individuals or companies, on how best to protect assets or license-in much needed IP for manufacture or service industries.

As technology continues to broaden copyright law, McCarter & English assists clients in identifying and preserving the next generation of copyrightable materials. The firm's lawyers help manage and prepare IP applications and portfolios, build and preserve corporate brands, protect software patents and trade secrets and establish both offensive and defensive forward-thinking strategies.

McCarter & English is experienced in handling legal issues arising from online commerce, licensing and international trade agreements. Attorneys in the group have specific experience in protecting brands and intellectual property created during company mergers, and handling traditional copyright matters such as protecting clients against the unauthorized replication of familiar products. They also have earned national recognition for work in the development and application of public key infrastructure (PKI) technologies, which facilitate secure online transactions.