Several of McCarter & English's attorneys are experienced in international commercial arbitration. Major cases include cross-border transactions involving sales of raw materials and finished products, transfers of business entities, and insurance/reinsurance contracts. Within the past several years, the firm's attorneys have appeared as counsel in hearings in London, Zurich and Bermuda, and in disputes governed by ICC, UNCITRAL and LCIA procedures. McCarter & English's international arbitrations team is particularly attuned to the nuances of seeking settlements in international fora and working closely with risk managers to advise them thoroughly at each stage of the process.

We have, for example, represented a major U.S. pharmaceutical company in "Bermuda Form" international arbitrations involving product liability losses exceeding several hundred million dollars. It handled several London-based arbitrations for another major U.S. pharmaceutical company involving insurance coverage for product liability losses, also with amounts exceeding several hundred million dollars. One of our partners has served as arbitrator in London-based arbitrations involving disputes between major U.S. energy companies and their insurers for environmental losses, and in Bermuda-based arbitrations involving insurance coverage for a Fortune 100 Company's employment discrimination claims.