The impact of a major lawsuit and the ensuing media fallout can be distressing. An unfavorable outcome in any such case can adversely impact public perception and future revenues. Manufacturers and vendors of products and services regularly face putative class actions involving not only product liability claims but also alleged violations of various consumer fraud statutes, including New Jersey’s Consumer Fraud Act and Truth-in-Consumer Contract, Warranty and Notice Act (TCCWNA). Prevalent anti-business consumer protection statutes have spurred increased putative class action filings and generated complex corporate governance issues. Our lawyers are knowledgeable of substantive federal laws, the full gamut of state-specific consumer protection statutes, and applicable rules controlling class action litigation.

In the modern mass litigation era, McCarter has handled a wide variety of class actions, multidistrict litigations and other multi-claimant proceedings involving substantial corporate exposure and requiring creative lawyering and coordination among outside counsel, inside counsel and the business client. We have decades of experience proactively challenging class action claims, defending against the certification of class actions and, if certified, defending against the claims on their merits. As national counsel to several top insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and consumer product manufacturers and sellers, McCarter has negotiated and managed some of the nation’s most significant class action settlements.