Robert Mintz Quoted in “Blackmail Scandal Could Leave Enquirer Boss Pecker Facing Federal Charges,” which Appeared in The New York Post

The National Enquirer may have just scuttled its plea deal with the feds involving a Playboy model and President Trump—and exposed its CEO, David Pecker, to federal charges—by threatening to publish photos of Jeff Bezos.

Manhattan federal prosecutors are investigating whether the Enquirer violated its cooperation agreement over hush money paid to alleged Trump mistress Karen McDougal—after the Amazon founder accused the tabloid of trying to extort him with nude photos.

“Instead, what we have here is the threat of reputational crime,” said Robert Mintz, a former federal prosecutor and current partner at McCarter & English.

“What this case turns on … is whether the threat, in this case, amounts to a threat to injure an individual. And whether what AMI has demanded — a public statement — is something of value.”

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