Redevelopment projects are time-sensitive and challenging endeavors, dependent upon careful determinations, sound project and financial planning and the precise documentation of responsibilities.

Attorneys in McCarter & English, LLP’s Redevelopment Team have years of experience representing developers, property owners and other parties in all phases of the redevelopment process, including securing municipal bonds and other types of funding; overseeing demolition and environmental remediation; obtaining long-term tax abatements; litigating contested proceedings; negotiating redevelopment and financial agreements; and preparing design and construction contracts for the redevelopment project. The Team’s clients range from individuals to Fortune 50 companies.

Because members of the Redevelopment Team are drawn from many McCarter & English Practice Groups and areas of proficiency, rather than just one, attorneys throughout the firm lend redevelopment assistance as the needs of the specific situation dictate. These Practice Groups which provide expertise for the Redevelopment Team include: