McCarter & English Public Finance lawyers understand the challenges of planning and implementing publicly funded capital projects. Government entities building or renovating public facilities need advice on tax-exempt and taxable bond financing. Private companies building factories and retail establishments need to analyze financial incentives and methods for efficiently obtaining them. Banks, underwriters and business owners need counsel on the impact of tax-exempt and taxable debt. And businesses need to consider the impact of changing tax laws on proposed new financings.

Our public finance attorneys have participated in virtually every type of public financing transaction. We have solid experience representing borrowers, letter of credit banks, trustees and guarantors, and frequently counsel nonprofit institutions on financing capital improvements. The firm contributed to the development of the financing structures used by New Jersey health providers and served as bond counsel for nearly every congregate care community financed in New Jersey.

Our attorneys have detailed knowledge of aviation, housing, health care, utilities and solid waste remediation financing. They are experienced in matters of fiduciary responsibility for disclosure and default, lender liability including ISRA, CERCLA and land use, and underwriting requirements including MSRB rules, municipal swaps and letter of credit law.