We have defended companies in this area for more than 40 years, litigating complex matters related to asbestos, benzene, tobacco, breast implants, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, radiation, pollution, silica and mold in both personal injury and property damage cases. At the core of our national counsel engagements is our vast experience handling the multitude of issues and variations in state law that surround mass tort claims. We have managed tens of thousands of cases, for hundreds of clients, involving difficult issues such as disease causation, theories of non-identification liability and “third generation” liability. The group has developed and implemented case management and resolution programs involving thousands of pending and potential claims in state and federal court, including the administration of claims resolution programs.

We also have often been responsible for selecting, training and coordinating the activities of local counsel in various states and abroad; preparing pre-trial discovery responses, document production responses and pre-trial motions; tracking and analyzing medical and scientific literature; selecting and preparing expert witnesses; developing expert testimony; challenging dubious experts and junk science; and, of course, trying cases. Trials of our toxic tort cases range from single-plaintiff/single-defendant matters to mass consolidated cases with scores of plaintiffs and dozens of defendants.