The need for internal corporate investigations can arise in a variety of contexts, including allegations of wrongdoing asserted by investors, employees or board members. The Group has broad, practical experience conducting thorough and effective internal corporate investigations to mitigate the impact of any detected misconduct and minimize the corporation's potential exposure to civil and criminal penalties. As former prosecutors and experienced litigators, our attorneys are well-equipped to develop a detailed investigative methodology appropriate to the nature of the client's business to protect the company's interests and efficiently achieve a favorable resolution. We have conducted many internal corporate investigations, which have included reviewing and analyzing documents, interviewing witnesses, and documenting and providing the results of investigations to upper-level-management and/or the Board of Directors.

Recent examples of internal investigations we have conducted include the following:

  • allegations of improper transfer of trade secrets and proprietary information on behalf of a computer software company.
  • allegations of insider trading for a public biopharmaceutical company.
  • allegations of violations of the FCPA for a provider of international and United States business credit information and credit reports.
  • allegations of bribery of a public official and corruption for a public national home builder.
  • allegations of theft on behalf of a public national home builder.
  • allegations of bid rigging for an international insurance brokerage firm.
  • allegations of manipulation of test results for a regional petroleum inspection company.
  • allegations of fraudulent sales and marketing practices for a cemetery management services company.
  • allegations of health care fraud for a home health care agency.
  • allegations of improper drug research and development controls for a public biotechnology company.
  • allegations of improper trading with prohibited countries on behalf of a large electronics manufacturer.

If disclosure of the findings of an internal investigation is deemed warranted, the Group's attorneys are highly skilled in dealing with federal and state law enforcement agencies and regulators throughout the United States. We recently provided a training program for in-house attorneys conducting internal investigations for a large pharmaceutical benefits provider and have used our hands-on experience to counsel many of our clients on issues related to internal investigations.