Companies throughout the food supply chain face a wide variety of insurable risks. Beyond traditional exposure to lawsuits, today’s food suppliers must navigate an increasingly complex regulatory landscape. The menu of insurance options can be bewildering; risk managers must not only negotiate and procure CGL and first-party property policies, but also consider business interruption insurance, food contamination and recall policies, director & officer coverage, cybersecurity insurance, and more. Worst of all, many businesses only belatedly see the shortcomings in their insurance portfolio—when faced with an insurer denial of a loss which they believed to be covered. McCarter’s Insurance Coverage Group can help. We represent bottling companies in connection with such matters, and have recovered millions of dollars on their behalf in connection with recall claims.

Beyond our core strength of securing coverage from recalcitrant insurers, we help companies evaluate the adequacy of their insurance coverage by reviewing existing coverage and procedures and providing recommendations vis-à-vis a company’s risks. These services provide special value in relation to those types of insurance—such as recall coverage—written on an individualized, or “manuscript,” basis. The Insurance Recovery Team can evaluate your business’ particular needs, analyze risks and make firm recommendations as to coverages whose value justify their expense. If your insurer ultimately tries to duck its obligations, our Insurance Recovery Team offers unparalleled experience and success in negotiation, and if necessary litigation, against delinquent insurers. Our insurance practitioners are also skilled in drafting and implementation of procedures to best position our clients for insurance recovery.