Environmental impacts are a key consideration in today's business and manufacturing arena, and costly proceedings can result when environmental factors are overlooked. Our lawyers work to develop a sound environmental compliance strategy that avoids or minimizes future environmental liabilities. Working side-by-side with risk managers, our attorneys provide innovative and cost-effective legal counseling in virtually all areas of environmental law, locally, nationally or internationally.

In responding to specific client needs, our lawyers also address permitting, rulemaking and compliance counseling; mergers, asset acquisitions, and divestitures; real property transactions and Brownfields; Superfund, CT Transfer Act, NJ Spill Act and UST Claims; and solid waste licensure.

We have advised clients on the complex federal, state and local regulatory requirements applicable to marine-based liquefied natural gas terminal projects in the northeast. We also have experience advising clients on the permitting requirements for major federal undertakings subject to the National Environmental Policy Act, including a western power plant sited on federal lands.