For most businesses, getting their product to market is as important as making the product. Virtually all businesses must deal with issues that arise from the distribution of their products. Our attorneys have decades of experience counseling clients on establishing or altering their distribution systems. We have successfully litigated and settled numerous franchise disputes, such as terminations and appointment/siting claims. In one example, we assisted a national distributor in the transition of its distribution system from a group of independent distributors to a centralized network. In that process, we successfully represented the client in cases in three jurisdictions in defense of injunction proceedings that, if successful, would have delayed the changeover, and negotiated solutions that avoided other such applications. We regularly counsel clients before they undertake the termination of distributors in order to mitigate the risk of liability under state and foreign franchise laws. For example, we worked with a manufacturer/supplier with potential franchise exposure in assembling data to demonstrate that termination would be appropriate under a "good cause" standard. The group also assists clients acquiring companies with distributor networks in performing due diligence to determine whether there may be franchise exposure as they meld their new network into their existing system. Throughout the group, we have attorneys who concentrate on the more specialized area of automotive franchise disputes and regulation. The group handles franchise-related legal issues for expanding automotive dealers, both large and small, concentrating on protecting their franchise investments and related real estate holdings. We actively worked with dealers during the recent manufacturers' bankruptcies and continue to counsel them through the maze of issues that impact their businesses during the post bankruptcy era, including representation in the arbitrations arising out of dealer terminations and successful litigation throughout the Northeast. In addition to advising dealers on some of the major issues addressed by franchise laws, such as appointments, relocations, and terminations, we provide counsel on audit issues, local and federal consumer privacy compliance, warranty obligations, and transgenerational planning. On the policy front, we seek to proactively improve existing law, as it will affect our clients in the future. For example, we recently acted as the primary author to the overhaul of the Massachusetts automotive franchise statute.