The McCarter & English Construction and Infrastructure Practice Group represents public and private owners, developers, architects and engineers, construction managers, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers in matters ranging from project planning to dispute resolution, on projects involving a wide range of industries and government functions.

Our depth of talent and breadth of legal and practical experience offers a unique set of advantages to our clients:

We Know the Business. Every member of our team brings in-depth knowledge of the special characteristics of the construction industry. Many of our lawyers have worked in the field. We know the relationships, traditions, risk allocations and other business and legal issues unique to the industry that can mean the difference between success and failure. We know the territory, and we speak the language.

We Know the Law. Construction law is a specialized field, and no client wants to pay for his lawyer to climb the learning curve. Our lawyers are not dabblers: they dedicate their practices to construction law. As we come to every engagement already aware of the rules governing our clients’ issues, we can turn quickly to identifying the rights and obligations that protect their interests.

We Follow a Practical, Problem-Solving Approach. Our goal is to use legal tools to achieve business solutions. We track developments in the industry and strive to keep ahead of the curve in identifying opportunities and exposures. We recognize the value of the prompt and the practical.

We Deliver Fast and Flexible Responses to New Issues. Construction projects are time sensitive – clients do not have the luxury of delayed answers to pressing questions. Our depth and breadth of legal and practical experience allows us to identify the need and bring the correct resources to bear immediately. Most of the time, we have seen the issue before.

We Use the Latest Technology. Our sophisticated litigation support, document management and presentation technology systems quickly and reliably exchange information with our clients’ systems, and assist in presenting arguments and issues persuasively in any forum.