Our Group also counsels and assists corporations in implementing effective corporate compliance and ethics programs, and FCPA compliance, to prevent and detect unlawful and/or unethical conduct before it develops into a more serious problem. With over 25 years of combined experience as former prosecutors, our attorneys are familiar with the federal Sentencing Guidelines as they apply to corporations. We also have extensive practical experience in crafting and implementing proactive compliance and ethics training programs; drafting and revising compliance and ethics policies and procedures; Codes of Conduct and training materials consistent with Federal Acquisition Regulation and other regulatory requirements; preparing FCPA compliance and training manuals; and developing a practical and effective compliance infrastructure for corporations in regulated and non-regulated industries.

Recent examples of our compliance and ethics program experience includes:

  • reviewing and revising a comprehensive compliance and ethics program and drafting a Code of Conduct for a private, not-for-profit behavioral healthcare organization to dissuade federal regulators from pursuing criminal and civil proceedings.
  • reviewing and revising the design and content of a compliance and ethics program, Code of Conduct and compliance infrastructure for a publicly traded international food supplier and professional services organization.
  • developing a comprehensive compliance and ethics program, compliance infrastructure and Code of Conduct for a regional petroleum inspection company.
  • developing a comprehensive compliance and ethics program, compliance infrastructure and Code of Conduct for a mechanical and electrical contractor.
  • preparing FCPA training materials and presentation for provider of international and United States business credit information and credit reports.
  • preparing Insider Trading training materials for Board of Directors of a public biopharmaceutical company.

Our experience in handling corporate compliance and ethics matters includes a wide variety of industries, including technology, drugs and pharmaceuticals, healthcare, food services, insurance and sales and marketing.