The Business Litigation Practice Group represents businesses of all sizes and kinds in litigation that goes to the core of how our clients structure and conduct their businesses, and how they deal with customers, suppliers, partners, and competitors.

Our group is committed to fostering and building long-term client relationships through thoughtful and innovative litigation management. By carefully matching assignments with appropriate personnel from among more than 50 lawyers, we apply our collective knowledge and expertise in the most effective and cost-efficient manner, both before and after litigation commences.

Our engagement begins with an assessment of the issues and the development of a litigation strategy in close consultation with in-house counsel and principals, and includes early evaluation of the potential for prompt resolution within the parameters of the client's objectives. We also advocate the pursuit of early dismissal of defective claims wherever possible, through targeted dispositive motion practice. Whatever the scope of the engagement or the amount in controversy, we approach each case with a single goal: to understand our client's business and legal needs and to meet and exceed our client's expectations.