Due to the complexity of many of today's major fraud cases, asset recovery can be an especially challenging endeavor. The Group has extensive experience in assisting clients who have been victimized by large-scale embezzlements or other fraudulent schemes. Some of the Group's major asset recovery cases have arisen from tax evasion, Medicare fraud, bank fraud, antitrust and trade regulation, obstruction of justice, customs fraud, RICO, money laundering, and public corruption cases. The Group has been extremely successful in assisting clients in locating, freezing and recovering stolen assets both in the United States and internationally. Our attorneys have a broad network of investigators and law firms in cities around the world to assist them in tracing and freezing assets in foreign jurisdictions. The Group recently completed a matter for one of the world's leading electronic manufacturers in which over $85 million were recovered in multiple foreign jurisdictions including the United Kingdom, Spain, Switzerland and Japan.