McCarter’s Appellate Practice combines the firm’s extensive trial experience with our lawyers’ involvement in appellate matters at the states and federal levels. Clients regularly rely on our seasoned team of appellate lawyers to present the best-possible case by choosing the right issues and arguments in this challenging phase of litigation.

Involved throughout every step of the litigation process, we provide clients with the opportunity to work with a single, cohesive litigation team for both trial and appellate work. Our team collaborates closely with our clients, developing a litigation strategy that focuses on the clients’ end goals. Several of our appellate lawyers have served as law clerks for state or federal appellate judges and justices, allowing them to apply an intimate knowledge of the particulars of judicial decision-making.

Our team provides a range of services including:

  • preparing appeal briefs and oral arguments;

  • handling interlocutory appeals;

  • managing complex litigation;

  • working with trial counsel to develop case presentation strategies;

  • advising clients on appellate issues during and after trial;

  • preparing and opposing petitions for review in state supreme courts;

  • handling administrative appeals before various regulatory bodies; and

  • preparing amicus curiae briefs.